Our Values
a guide to act for the long term
  • 1.

    To become part of Heritage
    and History in seeking
    Excellence, ...

    With over 900 years of History, the Domaine de la Commaraine and its Monopoly-Vintage Clos is one of the most aristocratic domaines in Burgundy.

    Highly sought after, its wines feature in the oldest wine registers and are considered to rank alongside the greatest.

    Since its construction by Duke Hugues II de Bourgogne in 1112, the Domaine de la Commaraine has been in the hands of increasingly prestigious families over the course of the centuries.

    We have taken on the legacy of this emblematic estate in Bourgogne d'Or. 

    We are investing our energies in redeveloping this historical site in order to restore it to its former glories.

    We are proud to be able to pass this historic fiefdom on to future generations, so that they too can take on the mantle of perpetuating the domaine's prestigious history over time.

    Custodians of a heritage that is marked by history, our vocation is to pass it on after we have enriched it and made it productive again. In this way, the domaine will continue writing its own history for a long time still to come.

  • 2.

    ... with Honesty
    and Humility ...

    At Domaine de la Commaraine, we share the belief that wine is a passion that connects Humankind, a bond that enhances Humanity and spans Time.

    The historic poise of the Clos de la Commaraine and its magnificent manifestation naturally invites us to act with Humility and Honesty.

    So all of the research and analyses carried out to gain a better understanding of the complex nature of the Clos are part of an approach characterised by humility, whereby the Terroir guides us without us imposing our will on it.

    A honest approach as well, to merit in all fairness the wonders that this terroir chooses to entrust us with year after year.

    In our quest for excellence, humility and honesty have been self-evident to us in our desire to revive this prestigious name that is steeped in history.

  • 3.

    ... with respect for the Terroirs,
    Nature and Humankind.

    Recognised as being an excellent terroir from as early as the Middle Ages and praised in the first scientific works on wine production, the de la Commaraine terroir rises up before us like a mighty monument that imposes respect and recognition.

    So, methodically, we are exploring the wealth of the terroir in order to gain a better understanding of its diversity.

    Magnetic resonances, underground mapping, ditches and soil composition analysis, developments in crop cultivation practices and micro wine production are all testimony to our deep respect for this terroir, which we are exploring with faith and confidence.

    At the Domaine de la Commaraine we believe that respect for the Terroir goes hand-in-hand with respect for Nature.

    This is why the Clos de la Commaraine was converted to organic farming in 2017 and is progressively moving towards biodynamic techniques.

    Borne forwards by the mystery of this place with its unique atmosphere, we practice precise, exacting and restrictive wine growing techniques, taking into consideration the diversity of the Clos in order to produce high quality grapes on this great terroir.

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