In the heart of Burgundy
The History
an emblematic place since 1112

The Château de la Commaraine, surrounded by its monopoly-vintage Clos of 3.75 ha, is a emblematic historical site in Burgundy.


Its glorious past secures its reputation as one of the most aristocratic estates in "Bourgogne d'Or", or Golden Burgundy.


Its history goes back to the 12th century.


The first Château de la Commaraine was built in Pommard in 1112 by Hugues II of Burgundy.


In 1193 this fiefdom was given to Jean de Pommard by Eudes III of Burgundy in recognition of that fact that Jean de Pommard had saved Eudes III's future wife, daughter of the King of Portugal, from a storm and attack by knights during her journey to Burgundy to celebrate the marriage of the future spouses.  


It then passed into the hands of the Saulx family through the marriage of Jeanne de Pommard to Aymonin de Saulx in 1376 and belonged to them until 1474, when Charles de Saulx died.

This Château, which still exists today, was built during the 14th and 15th centuries during the time that it belonged to the Saulx family.


Following the death of Charles de Saulx, the Château de la Commaraine belonged to the Saint-Chamond family for a short time, and then to the Grignan family, before becoming part of the powerful de Vienne family's estate in 1526, represented at that time by Girard de Vienne.


The la Commaraine fiefdom remained in the hands of this family until 1725, at which time it became the property of the de Damas family through the marriage of Marie-Judith de Vienne to Jean-François de Damas.


In 1780 it became the property of Françoise-Etiennette Duhard de Chazans, from whom it was confiscated in 1792 and became a national asset.


In 1794 the Château and its Clos were then sold to Sébastien Micard who passed them on to Nicolas Guillaume Bazire in 1795. The latter proceeded to sell them in 1801 to Charles-François Oudot, Councillor at the Court of Cassation.


The Oudot family ceded the estate to Claude Bernard, a wine trader in Meursault in 1852, who sold it to Prosper Demars in 1904.


It then became the property of the Jaboulet Vercherre family following its acquisition on 27th March 1920 by Mr Ulysse-Georges Jaboulet Vercherre.


The current owners of the Domaine, an American couple who are passionate about the French way of living and its director, Jean-Luc Vitoux, acquired it in October 2017.


They are also the owners of the Lerclerc Briant champagne producers, acquired in 2012, and a small house of wine known as les Parcellaires de Saulx in Mersault.

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